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Beneath the flowing design and vibrancy of our logo lies a deeper spiritual significance.

  • It all begins with God, the "T" in the shape of a cross.
  • It is "I", in the tree, that chooses to thrive. 
  • There are 9 fruits of the spirit, and the greatest is Love.
  • We all have a past that we have emerged from, and many had thorny situations.
  • The Ichthys is the acrostic for Jesus Christ, a fisher of men.
  • Purple is the color of peace and spirituality
  • Green is indicative in nature of life, renewal, nature, and energy

But yes, it is also a cool-looking logo. Steven the owner and founder used it as the inspiration for his first tattoo. If you ask nicely, he may show you :-).

The motivation of Thrive is to serve the kingdom. We are using our gifts to make "talents". Any economic earnings is to both take care of our needs as well as to be a blessing to others. We have chosen to "tithe" all profits, meaning 10% of all profits will be given/donated. I have chosen organizations that have real impact with others:   

  • "Porch Light Ministries" is now "One More Child". "We will still help restore and prevent innocent children from becoming victims of sex trafficking. Our light will shine until every young girl who has been victimized by sex trafficking is rescued, restored and set free."   Too often the core root of our addiction and mental health disorders are the results of adults doing horrible things to children. This organization rescues these victims and aims to restore their lives in caring and supportive environments so that they too may have a chance, with a long road ahead of them.
  • City Rescue Mission "exists to transform the lives of the homeless and needy, serving them through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ".  Many have found themselves homeless or hungry through no fault of their own or due to every fault of their own. Addiction leads down a dark and lonely road. In this life we need to lend a hand. Sometimes it is that one kind word or saving meal that helps re-invigorate HOPE and a determination to find a new way of living.
  • Lighthouse Ministries Jacksonville. "The mission of LightHouse Ministry of Jacksonville (LHM) is to spread the word of God by providing transitional housing for men who may be coming out of prison or a rehabilitation recovery program. Our goal is to assist these men in transforming their lives through Christ".  Everyone deserves a chance and a helping hand that goes beyond a day. Through a collective effort and a requirement that the men find and maintain jobs, pay rent and personal expenses, help with chores and upkeep, and are active in church and formal recovery programs.
  • All In Ministries (AIM) International. "We exist to equip women of all nations to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus Christ". We are called to expand the kingdom and not defend the fort. 
  • Chets Creek Church- Knowing God, Being Changed, Changing the world. Chets is the church for the "un-churched". With 4 locations in Jacksonville, their ministries and outreach ministries are extensive.



Organization Name Phone Number Website
One More Child 863-687-8811

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City Rescue Mission 904-387-4357

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Lighthouse Ministry 904-442-8114

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All In Ministries

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Chets Creek Church 904-223-5954

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