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Flavor Boards

For the "flavor board", I have 2 signs... like you could see at an ice cream shop. And periodically I will have different flavors for the different products. Some flavors will not work with some as they may be too acidic and even with bitterness supressors the "medicine flavor" is still present. While I have 40 flavors... these are not custom orders. So, I will have 2 flavors per strength when we get all the items made. BUT REMEMBER, THESE ARE NOT CANDY AND NEED TO BE KEPT WAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS, AND IRRESPONSIBLE ADULTS FOR THAT MATTER.

Medication Dosage Flavor Flavor Flavor
Sildenafil 88mg Peach Chocolate Mint Root Beer
Sildenafil 44mg

Black Cherry

Pina Colada

Sildenafil 22.4mg


Key Lime Royal Raspberry
Tadalafil 22.5mg


Tadalafil 17.5mg

Orange Cream

Tadalafil 11.5mg

Pina Colada

Black Cherry
Tadalafil 4.4mg


Blackberry Root Beer
Call us 8/0.6mg Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum
Call us 7/0.6mg Peach Orange Cream
Call us 6/0.6mg Pineapple
Call us 5/0.6mg


Call us 4/0.6mg

Tutti Frutti

Black Cherry
Call us 3/0.6mg Cotton Candy Blueberry
Call us 2/0.6mg

Royal Raspberry

Call us 1/0.6mg Blackberry
Call us 8mg Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum
Call us 7mg Orange Cream
Call us 6mg Banana Cream
Call us 5mg Apple
Call us 4mg Tutti Frutti
Call us 3mg Blueberry Cotton Candy
Call us 2mg Black Cherry
Call us 1mg Plum
Call us 0.75mg
Call us 0.5mg
Call us 0.375mg
Call us 0.25mg
Naltrexone 2mg Blackberry
Naltrexone 4mg Cran-Raspberry
Caffeine  60mg Apple Pie Black Cherry
Caffeine  120mg Apricot Lemonade