Buprexone/ or Buprenorphine single troche (12,11,10,9)mg

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Buprexone (TM) is a combination drug compound of buprenorphine (in many strengths available) with 0.6mg of naloxone in sublingual troche form. Sublingual buprenorphine is indicated for opiate addiction as well as for pain management. It is a great option for pain without resorting to the severly addictive schedule II Opiates (oxycodone, Fentanyl, morphine, etc.) which have their place for certain conditions (i.e. cancer). Some providers may request the formulation is buprenorphine alone due to medical indication (pregnancy, intolerance, etc.) and must be written for the specific form. This is the only known pharmacy in the country to specifically offer a strength from 16mg all the way to 1mg, then smaller doses (0.75, 0.5, 0.25mg) of buprenorphine. This allows for either a taper down over a recommended 12-18 months if discussed and agreed upon with your provider. Some may choose a 10-week taper down as the indication is for a less intense or severe case. These selections absolutely reduce the severity and minimize any withdrawal associated with tapering off the commercial product of Suboxone (which states it should never be cut in the package insert). These troches are to be used sub-lingually (under the tongue) for the most efficient absorption of this drug. Each strength will have a specific color associated with it for identification. Each strength will also have 2 flavoring options for palatability. Consult our flavor board in store for current offerings. They can be used effectively in conjunction with other non-opiate options (NSAIDS, muscle relaxers, topical analgesics, etc.)  Consult the staff at Thrive Pharmacy or your Preferred Provider for questions. The pricing of this may save patients up to $12,000/year compared with the commercial alternative.