We totally know what the complaints for medication assisted treatment (MAT) are: Cost, availability, convenience, tolerability, "time to dissolve in mouth" time, taste, "cut-ability" (the package insert says this is NOT to be done), no managable way to "taper down" and maybe even off one day, you want to give me a shot where? standing in line at the clinic every day with 500 of your closest friends at dawn , plus: respect from the pharmacy staff when you present the prescription (or shall we say, lack of respect.) So we have come up with a cost-effective-therapeutic equivalent, tastes good, dissolves in 3-4 minutes, works better than "the other" option, totally able to taper down with discrete dosings available (you won't need to cut into 12 pieces) that is dispensed in a pharmacy that truly cares about you and is your cheerleader for sobriety. So, call us (904-513-4075)  and we can tell you more about this $3 or less option.