Change Your Alcohol Abuse Lifestyle

Do you have an Alcohol Addiction?

Answer the questions on the checklist below. If you answer "YES" to 3 or more questions, it might be time to look at our Thrive Medication options.

  • Can't control or cut down alcohol use?
  • Have a strong desire or urge to drink alcohol anytime of the day?
  • Spending a large amount of money on alcohol?
  • Continued to drink even though it was causing trouble with your family or friends?
  • Use despite legal or social problems?
  • Stop or cut down important activities?
  • Use while doing something dangerous, like driving?
  • Use despite physical or mental problems?
  • Become tolerant - need more alcohol or need to drink it more often?
  • Have withdrawal - physical symptoms when you try to stop drinking?

ALTREXONE (Disulfiram 37.5mg, Naltrexone 25mg) CAPSULES

The Thrive Preferred Providers (or your own doctor may) prescribe the first ever available combination product combining naltrexone and disulfiram in a capsule. Both medications have been successfully used for years for the treatment of alcoholism. This will be taken twice a day for a total daily dose of 50mg of naltrexone and 75 mg of disulfiram. Disulfiram has been used for years in treatment at much higher doses (250mg and 500mg). The main mechanism of action for disulfiram is to cause severe nausea and or vomiting if any alcohol is consumed. It is proposed that substantially reduced dosing of 37.5mg of disulfiram will produce a reduced nausea effect and serve as a reminder and a deterrant that alcohol cannot be consumed (like eating 5 tacos is a bad idea). Naltrexone is effectively tolerated and has been shown to reduce the cravings as well as impair the body's ability to utilize alcohol thus wasting your money and effort. Ultimately, you are the one who has to choose to get rid of the desire to drink alcohol and sometimes some negative feedback is needed to help you in making the right lifestyle choices. In addition to going to meetings and support groups (LINK TO RESOURCES TAB), it is helpful to take twice a day (and meditate or pray) and to remind yourself why you are choosing to remain alcohol free. After many months (or years) of this treatment, you may want to switch to ODATS (One Day At a Time Supplements) which continues naltrexone treatment with some multivitamins. (LINK TO ODATS). The capsules are gelatin based. Please contact us if you have allergies and cannot tolerate certain chemicals. Dispensing quantities of 30 or 60. The compound is good for up to 6 months with proper storage (room temperature). Consult with your Thrive Preferred Provider for more information.