Change Your Pain Medication Lifestyle

Do you want to change your pain medication?

Answer the questions on the checklist below. If you answer "YES" to 3 or more questions, it might be time to look at our Thrive Medication options.

  • Using more of the drugs or using them longer than you intended?
  • Can't control or cut down use?
  • Spend lots of time finding drugs or recovering from use?
  • Have a strong desire or urge to use?
  • Spending a large amount of money on medications?
  • Use despite legal or social problems?
  • Stop or cut down important activities?
  • Use while doing something dangerous, like driving?
  • Use despite physical or mental problems?
  • Become tolerant - need more of the drug or need to take it more often?
  • Have withdrawal - physical symptoms when you try to stop?